Engineering services

In addition to our own products, we offer services in the field of engineering to meet the requirements of our customers with the following key points:

  • Design (ProEngineer, Inventor, SolidWorks)
    • Design and modeling according to customer
    • Designs in the areas of precision engineering, equipment manufacturing and engineering
    • Overpass existing drawings and documents (also 2D) in 3D models
    • Conversion of existing design models - to required formats
  • Optics
    • optical design
    • optical measurement
    • Test setup / test facilities
    • Construction of custom-made to small series
  • Measurement / Testing
    • Design and manufacture of measuring and testing
    • for optical components and modules
    • for thermal processes in high temperature
    • for furnace design
    • Calibration services (eg black body, current standard, voltage standard)

We also offer customized solutions to more specific problems.
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